The Experimental Tropic Blues Band  - Hellelujah


1. Rene The Renegade
2. Jealous Rock
3. Rising From the Dead
4. The Gambler
5. Twice Blue
6. VoOdoo Rise
7. Gangrene Blues
8. Garbage Man
9. Snake Vs Wolf
10. Dry Whisky
11. Hallelujah
12. Mexico Dream Blues
13. I Went Down
14. Evil Can't be Done

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Pale Grey

Ghosts (EP) JO 051 (45t)

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The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

Spit'N'Split JO 050

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Pale Grey

Billy JO 111

Leaf House

Shiny People JO 110

Piano Club

Fantasy Walk JO 048

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Cocaine Piss

The Dancer Hypertension Records

Piano Club

Comets JO108

Gaëtan Streel

Two days at a time JO 047

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Blue Velvet

Blood + Rain 

CD 12€ ajouter au panier