The Feather  - Invisible


1. The songs we sing at sunset
2. Mimicry
3. Sighs
4. What if
5. Around
6. The sunshine
7. Invisible
8. Here and now (I'm not there)
9. Rays
10. Right side
11. Feather tree
12. Perfect storm

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MOUSTIQUE - ''En douze chansons, bricolées avec amour et minutie, l'artiste liégeois esquisse des mélodies d'une grâce inouïe.''


RIF RAF - ''Thomas Medard nous livre aujourd’hui un premier disque drôlement juste, sensible, inspiré et inspirant.''


INDIE SHUFFLE - (San Francisco) - "All I know is that The Feather has immense visionary talents and I genuinely can't wait to dig into their newly released debut album, Invisible."


ALL THINGS GO (Washington) - "It’s all curated so well that you’ll want to dive into the dreamworld created by this song and never leave. As its name implies, “What If” lends itself to repeat listening; you’ll discover something new every time."



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