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Ambrosia Collective BE


There’s three MCs with strong but complementary personalities with a certain sense of rhyme and well-placed, round and spicy punchlines. On the other hand, Mr.Clasik is an english-speaking and a real human jukebox, is endowed with an unstoppable technical mastery. Marù’s unique grain of voice completes the quintet, the singer places with ease her musical imprint on all registers and makes a lasting impression.

Ambrosia is an auditory beverage available in the form of eight tracks. An eclectic mix of new sounds brought to you by beatmakers such as De Bahia, Atlas, Bvtman and Mataya. Ambrosia is the result of chance; a meeting and the sharing of style and influences. This cocktail consists of two major ingredients: on the one hand Liège and on the other hand Brussels. On one side we have Indocile.

Anchored on an avant-garde approach, the collective intends to stand out by skillfully mixing electro house, future beat, neo soul, rap & R’n’B.