Chris Imler DE


Chris Imler is an industry veteran, a jack-of-all-trades, a drum dandy, a beat prophet, and an unmatched player in the Berlin indie scene. He has generated rhythm for artists as diverse as the Golden Showers, Peaches, Jens Friebe, and, most recently, Oum Shatt, but most of all he works for himself: Chris Imler – Chris Imler solo – Chris Imler live. Imler’s live performances always grow out of rhythm. His beats and samples, which are both pre-programmed and played live, form the backbones of his songs. In a cold-sweated style à la DAF or evoking a present-day Cabaret Voltaire, these songs bring together melodies and lyrics that take root somewhere between the gold buyers of Kreuzberg and the concrete techno dungeons of the big city.