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Onmens BE


Belgium’s most explicit electronic music group.

Onmens embody their name by bringing forth music that at no point gives in. Unequivocally formulated, the music combines hard, power electronics with Kasper Van Esbroeck’s gutt-wrenching guitar that transports you wherever Onmens wants to take you.

Pulled together by abrasive, garish vocals from Sigfried Burroughs, live performances are raw while eventfully lush in their insanity. You are dragged in to a world of complete unknown. From blasting the electronics, melodic guitar harmonies, and Burroughs dark gnarly performances Musically, there is nothing more explicit in Belgian scene.

And that shows, not only in the appeal to a generation of audiences gasping for something that they can relate to but also in the fact that not one iota of the music comes across methodical or studied.