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Pyo, the band of Belgian musician and producer, Karel Piot is a collision of blistering
post-punk and dreamy 90s synthwave, all bundled up in an soft anti-pop package that is
genre challenging.. Pyo’s music is an escape hatch for those who’ve grown tired of the
modern world’s relentless obsession with perfection. His music was built as his own escape
where he could embrace his flaws and where authenticity reigns supreme. Pyo’s live shows
have a reputation for fueling an irresistible energy that spreads through the crowd. Feel free
to let yourself be transported to a neon-soaked dreamscape as Pyo’s songs take you away
to a time when everything felt possible. Tracks like “Midnight Sunlight” and “So Tired” wrap
you in a warm embrace of melancholy and nostalgia whilst still keeping up the energy. He
cares about what he makes and hopes he can take amazing people like you along for the