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Ryder the Eagle Mystery


Ryder The Eagle has been navigating and exploring both the brightest and darkest sides of love for over half a decade, using music as a therapy, travels as a cure and live performances as a catharsis. His first E.P « The Ride Of love » (2017) was written in Paris and was an ode to his wife and the concept of true love. He then experienced the devastating power of deception and disillusion, moved to London and put out his second E.P « Free Porn » (2019). He eventually went through a divorce after his ten year relationship, moved to Mexico City and released his first album « Follymoon » (2022), a sonically lush and demented logbook in which every aspect of the romantic mourning process was addressed, from the depth of loneliness to the frantic (failed) attempts at loving again. The thirty three year old divorcé took his heart-broken mariachi character on the road and played over a hundred shows in less than six months, dragging his cabaret-like karaoke all over Mexico, the USA, Canada and Europe.