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This explosive duo from Malmö, Sweden, is the death in disco and the dance in revolution. With their lazerpunk agenda they are pushing the boundaries of punk-rock one high-kick at the time.

The Guilt is a quirky concept of dancy tunes and punk aggression all combined in a sweaty live show. It’s heavy vocals, simple beats and busted guitar hammering. 

The intense duo from Sweden was born in 2012. Emma (vocals) and Tobias (instruments) needed an outlet for playing loud and simple, where ever, whenever. Drums and beats performed by a little machine made it possible to travel light and play heavy even in the most impossible places.  Always performing in full throttle on a very simple set-up, The Guilt delivers back breaking shows at art galleries, in dusty barns and grimy clubs.  It was a challenge for the band to transfer the energetic performances on to a record.  Finally, in May 2017 the debut album “The Guilt”was released on Heptown records, angry, glittery and dancy. 

During 2019 The duo also managed to be a part of the “Wolfenstein- Young blood” soundtrack producing a cover of the Joy Division song “A Means to an end” together with Tom Salta, a well renowned game score composer and producer. 

In 2020 it’s getting worse. New album, new label, the electro drums are more annoying, the guitar is angrier and the sing-a-long inevitable! 

Do not miss the commotion when The Guilt teaches the art of screaming while dancing on stages across Europe.