15 avril 2022
KulturA. - Liège, BE

15/04 – Takeshi’s Cashew (DE/AT) + Pink Shabab (UK) – KulturA.

This 15th of April, JauneOrange and Midnight Voodoo join forces and welcome Takeshi’s Cashew and Pink Shabab!

Takeshi’s Cashew

Takeshi’s Cashew is the folk music vinyl found at the flea market to which you decide to add some psychedelic synths, surf guitars, downtempo beats and lots of delay. In other words, Takeshi’s Cashew is a psych-funk band that explores the boundaries between club culture, world music and 70s psychedelia by combining genres such as cumbia, disco, funk and krautrock. A debut album « Humans In A Pool » was released in June 2021 on the Laut & Luise label.

Pink Shabab

When Joe Carvell is not busy as an active member of the cumbia band Malphino and the Moondog tribute I’m This I’m That or playing improvised jazz with various friends, he is writing Pink Shabab songs at night. These songs sound as broken as they are uplifting. Drawing on funk, soul, new wave, jazz and dance music, Carvell’s songs move effortlessly through different musical worlds. Groovy and relaxed, danceable and intimate, Carvell’s minimalist songwriting structures open up a lot of space and leave room for many surprises.