Go!Zilla IT

Go!Zilla are an Italian Fuzz Psychedelic Punk¬†band based in Firenze, Italy and composed by Luca Landi (guitar/vocals), Fabio Ricciolo (drum/vocals) and Mattia Biagiotti (guitar/vocal). Go!Zilla sound takes inspiration from the Psychedelic Nuggets till the 90’s grunge guitars with a strongly punk attitude.
They first released an Ep, on June 2012, by Santa Valvola rds (Go!Zilla ep)¬†followed by “I’m Bleeding” 7″ released by Surfin Ki records, “Grabbing a Crocodile” LP, and “Magic Weird Jack” Ep latest released in August 2014 by the french label Beast Rds.

Go!Zilla, in less then 2 years, has toured all over europe for a total of more then 250 shows sharing the stage with band such as The Night Beats, The Sonics, Crocodiles, Thee Oh Sees and more.
The shows highlights are Primavera Sound Festival 2013 (ES), Marvin Festival 2014 (MX), Paris Psychedelic Festival 2014, Binic Folk Blues Festival 2014 (FR).

The New LP “Sinking in your Sea” released on 2015 April 15 for Black Candy rds (IT), Beast rds (FR), Lolipop rds (USA), Gnar Tapes (USA) and Algo Rds (CL).