Melià Sobrevias BE


Melià Sobrevias is a Majorca born composer and musician who currently lives in Brussels. He studied classical piano and harmony in the Conservatory of the Balearic Islands and took private jazz harmony lessons with renowned guitar player Paco Rosales.

For the last ten years he has been composing, producing and playing music in several bands including the pan-european trio Lonely Drifter Karen among them with whom he released 3 albums on the iconic Belgium label Crammed Discs.

Recently he has released his first solo album Music For Prophet under the name Marc Melià at the Parisian label Les Disques Du Festival Permanent, label managed by French violoncelist Gaspar Claus. Currently he is also a member of the band of the French singer Françoiz Breut. 

Apart of composing and producing records, he has been composing music and doing sound design for multiple documentaries, dance video pieces and advertisements