Publishing Label Collective

With the EP “The Joy of Missing Out”, run SOFA explodes and reverses the anguish! The best evening is the one you don’t expect, the one where no one is waiting for you, the one where you don’t expect anyone, since all your expectations are met…

Looking for the hype, running after interactions, wanting to follow the trend, is always falling short. The Belgian mutant and unclassifiable run SOFA formation creates a refuge and chooses its margin. The duo takes the opposite side: the cool thing is to be the outsider.

The sound translation is clear and violent. Antoine and Julien free themselves from the codes of rock, avoid hip/hop clichés and make themselves comfortable in a punk/rap atmosphere inhabited but above all habitable. They took up residence there with “The Joy of Missing Out” and set up their personalities, legacies and genius. The sound aggression is jouissive, it unscrews the frustrations. Anxiety is choking behind the beats. The unusual guitar fills all the abysses with the amplitude of its sounds. The nervous flow agitates the consciousness, resets the parasitic desires. In six titles, the SOFA run don’t miss a thing. They live their sound, transmit their life and suspend time! They are at home, everywhere, in tune with themselves. The ecstasy is there. Fears no longer guide them, they have created a new paradigm, they have found the supreme internal agreement….