Melià Sobrevias joint to JauneOrange publishing

He is a compositor and musician born in Majorque and currently living in Bruxelles. During the past ten years, he has written, produced and played music in a few different groups. Amongst which the three-member band Lonely Drifter Karen with whom he created three emblematic songs signed with the Belgian label Crammed Discs. Currently he is a musician of the French singer Françoiz Breut. His album « Music for prophet » is a truly breathtaking performance, indeed each and every song has been created full live, he does not use any pre-saved soundtracks. During his show he makes all the song over again starting from the silence, he is offering a full live show. He likes to turn robotic sound into something more human, synthetic song into more natural song, perfect blend between reality and fiction. He is now a part of the JauneOrange Publishing with his brand new compositions! Welcome