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JauneOrange offers a fully personalized service. Tell us what you have in mind and we will advise you and lead you to what fits the most your wishes: an original arrangement, a song from our catalogue or a collaboration with an artist of your choice.

We have twenty years of experience as a band collective, record label, booking agency, artist management and show/festival promoter. We’re nationally and internationally recognized for our work on discovering new talents and developing careers for almost two decades.


Discover our catalogue through our one-stop mood playlists and get to know the artists which we’re working with on a daily basis.
Please contact us here to get access to our private playlists for soundtracks, instrumentals and Jingles.

JauneOrange Edition - Introduction

JauneOrange Edition - Feel Good

JauneOrange Edition - Soundtrack

JauneOrange Edition - Electronic

JauneOrange Edition - Calm / Relax / Melancholic

JauneOrange Edition - Loud / Energy


JauneOrange collaborates with a wide range of musicians, artists and songwriters whose international experience is no longer to prove.With our original arrangement service, we’re able to offer a qualitative, customed and adaptable musical offer.

JauneOrange - Composition

Composition de musiques originales


Our team of collaborators is composed of professional musicians and stakeholders active in the music industry. For each project we have a global vision that include between music and image, between musicians and directors,...

Dernières synchros / Toutes les synchros

When Everyone is Asleep : Short Film (BE)

Satchel Hart - Listening to you

ELITE season 8 : TV series (ES)

La Jungle - Hyperitual

Baraki season 2 : TV series (BE)

The soundtrack to the 2nd season of Baraki was composed by Jeremy Alonzi

Ailleurs Si J’y Suis : Movie (BE)

Olvo - Working All Day


Vincent doit mourir : Movie (BE)

Tyana P - Crazy


Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin – TV Series (USA)

Tin Tin - Gluck