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MLCD [My Little Cheap Dictaphone] BE

Label Collective

After undertaking the challenge of creating the concept album « The Tragic Tale Of A Genius »,MLCD have collected over the past two years a number of awards :Best Album and Belgian Artist of the Year at the Octaves in addition to Belgian Cultural Personality of the Year* …Propelled by the hit song « What Are You Waiting for » (featured in the video game « Little Big Planet2 »), the group embarked on a tour lasting more than two years that took them as far afield as Canada and the UK, where the album earned rave reviews and was awarded « Album of The Week » by the Sunday Times.

Barely emerged from their odyssey, MLCD got straight back to writing and isolated themselves for long periods in countryside cabins and Provence farmhouses, spurred on by their desire to reinvent, to follow new paths and embark on a fresh direction after « Tragic Tale ».

First, the band created the soundtrack to Yves Beaunesne’s Romeo and Juliette. Then the melodies for The Smoke Behind The Sound began to flower and the album came to life, exploring new and surprising directions.

Everything fell into place after meeting producer Luuk Cox (Shameboy, Girls in Hawai, Stromae). He enabled the band to reveal its true essence. Recorded over a 6 month period, in one legendary studio to the next (ICP, Abbey Road) Cox gave wings to the now 5 piece (they have recently welcomed a new keyboard/guitarist). As a result the album is resolutely modern, with MLCD exploring analogical keyboards with just as much enthusiasm as they have new technologies. They have created a subtly fashioned, layered and well thought out record, where every detail counts.

This attention to detail can also be found in the visual aspects of the bands performances. To defend The Smoke Behind The Sound on stage, MLCD have called upon designer Nicolas Oliver (Kiss&Cry by Jaco Van Dormael) and collaborated with Nicolas Guiot (César and Magritte for Best Short Film 2013) to direct a tormented video for « Fire », filmed during a night out in London.