Melià Sobrevias joint to JauneOrange publishing

He is a compositor and musician born in Majorque and currently living in Bruxelles. During the past ten years, he has written, produced and played music in a few different groups. Amongst which the three-member band Lonely Drifter Karen with whom he created three emblematic songs signed with the Belgian label Crammed Discs. Currently he is a musician of the French singer Françoiz Breut. His album « Music for prophet » is a truly breathtaking performance, indeed each and every song has been created full live, he does not use any pre-saved soundtracks. During his show he makes all the song over again starting from the silence, he is offering a full live show. He likes to turn robotic sound into something more human, synthetic song into more natural song, perfect blend between reality and fiction. He is now a part of the JauneOrange Publishing with his brand new compositions! Welcome


micro festival reveals all its poster

Collective Booking
micro festival reveals all its poster

Here are finally the artists who will be present at the Micro Festival this year! We hope you enjoy it! There will be something for everyone: Monolithe Noir, The Germans, Michael Rother (plays NEU!, Harmonia & Solo Works) Daortia, O.S.H - Ode To Space Hassle, Lewsberg, Black Country, New Road, Drahla, DECIBELLES, BO NINGEN, Le Prince Harry, Constance Chlore, OKGB (L'oeil kollectif Grand Bazar), YÔKAÏ, Szun Waves, La Récré, Shht, FELIX KUBIN, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Cüneyt Sepetçi.

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