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the K. ‘Amputate Corporate Art’ OUT NOW!

With a new line up and a brand new killer album ‘Amputate Corporate Art’ The K. perfectly fits the row of modern acts as Idles, Show Me The Body, Girl Band and Pissed Jeans to name a few. Topped with influences of the best that ‘90s indie rock bands ever gave us, the band pushes that sound and ethic further into the nillies. It’s all about love, life, pain yet tenderness.



micro festival lâche toute son affiche

Collective Booking
micro festival lâche toute son affiche

Voici enfin les artistes qui seront présents au Micro Festival cette année ! On espère que ça vous plaira ! Il y en aura pour tous les goûts : Monolithe Noir, The Germans, Michael Rother (plays NEU!, Harmonia & Solo Works) Daortia, O.S.H - Ode To Space Hassle, Lewsberg, Black Country, New Road, Drahla, DECIBELLES, BO NINGEN, Le Prince Harry, Constance Chlore, OKGB (L'oeil kollectif Grand Bazar), YÔKAÏ, Szun Waves, La Récré, Shht, FELIX KUBIN, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Cüneyt Sepetçi.

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