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Sparkling new single ‘ALIVE’

Jaded by the commonplace overwhelming flood of information and demands, we switch into machine mode. To function in an ever faster world, to meet ever-more demands in less time. Emotion is nothing but a distracting variable, a loss of control. Individualization turns into self-optimization, into self-prescribed anaesthesia, into numbing emptiness. 

Sparkling’s new single ‘Alive’ is a challenge to the lack of emotion and expression of the yearning urge for intense feelings. Desperate, but still full of desire to once again experience intensively and feel oneself again. To escape the dull feeling of emptiness and to finally feel alive again.



micro festival lâche toute son affiche

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micro festival lâche toute son affiche

Voici enfin les artistes qui seront présents au Micro Festival cette année ! On espère que ça vous plaira ! Il y en aura pour tous les goûts : Monolithe Noir, The Germans, Michael Rother (plays NEU!, Harmonia & Solo Works) Daortia, O.S.H - Ode To Space Hassle, Lewsberg, Black Country, New Road, Drahla, DECIBELLES, BO NINGEN, Le Prince Harry, Constance Chlore, OKGB (L'oeil kollectif Grand Bazar), YÔKAÏ, Szun Waves, La Récré, Shht, FELIX KUBIN, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Cüneyt Sepetçi.

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